EZ Office DISPLAY for
Z#BRE Workplace Management

Designed for Z#BRE

As part of a technology partnership, EZ Office DISPLAY digital labels are fully integrated with Z#BRE Workspace Management, a platform for managing and optimizing employee services. The solution allows companies to rethink the organization and operation of their workspaces by offering a set of interactive services:

Booking meeting rooms, workstations and lockers
Allocation of resources to employees
Measurement of space occupancy rates, environmental quality
Triggering of cleaning services, meals, repairs
And many more…

Z#BRE Workplace Management: optimization solution for
resources and workspaces

Connected objects

Those functions use the data provided by autonomous and wire free smart objects:

Displays: static or interactive digital signage
Sensors: presence, passage, counting
Probe: temperature, noise, air quality

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