EZ Office PACK®

A simple, flexible way to manage your workspace

Optimise the use of your office space and improve the employee experience

EZ Office Pack simplifies the process of managing your work spaces. It lets employees reserve desks, workstations or meeting rooms within your business, and customise each location with dedicated digital signage. With EZ Office PACK, it’s easy to adapt your organisation to new ways of working and use the full potential of your collaborative spaces.

Incredibly easy to use

Reserve locations from your Office 365 or Google Agenda calendar, or by scanning a QR code with your smartphone at the location you want to reserve. Customised information is displayed in real time on totally autonomous digital labels that can be installed with no wires or cables.

Incredibly easy to install

The EZ Office PACK solution includes a secure access point, delivered pre-configured, that you install on each floor of your business. The digital labels use a very low-power screen technology (electronic ink) and run on batteries (4 years of battery life, with low battery warnings) with no wires or cables. They install in seconds with an adhesive wall mount, even on a door or glass partition, or can be placed directly on a desk with the easel-style stand.


  • Reservation: Office 365 / Google Agenda calendars, QR code

  • Assignment: Option to permanently assign certain desks or resources using an Excel / CSV file

  • Digital labels in 3 sizes: 7.4” for meeting rooms, 4.2” for desks and workstations, 2.6” for lockers and cabinets

  • Customisable templates: room or desk status, meeting name, upcoming schedule, employee’s name and job title, company logo, QR code, etc.

  • Tabletop display unit for meeting rooms: welcome message, meeting end time, guest Wi-Fi code, flashing LED to indicate end of meeting

All-inclusive rental package

  • 1 access point unit per floor (2,000 m²)

  • 1 digital label per resource (meeting room, desk, workstation, locker, cabinet, etc.)

  • 1 ll-inclusive monthly pricea: equipment and software, warranty, technical support.

EZ Office PACK

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